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In order to protect the environment, promote diversity, and conserve the resources, KICC has enacted the following programs aimed at sustainability of environment.

The corporation has installed modern photovoltaic solar systems. The consumption of power has reduced from the grid to the tune of 30%. The installation has also reduced the power bills thus saving the corporation substantial amount of money. The generation of power from renewable results in reduction of consumption of power from fossils fuels which are detrimental to the environment.

The corporation is in the process of replacing fluorescent tubes, mercury lamps, sodium vapor lamps and other incandescent bulbs with modern light emitting diodes which are efficient and use less energy. The corporation has been able to reduce the power lighting bills by about 50%. The reduced power consumption from efficient bulbs and tubes results in conservation and protection of the environment.

The corporation is recycling and using fountain water to do irrigation of global forests, lawns and flower gardens. The water is filtered, cleaned and recycled to be used on fountains and also used for cleaning of yards. The recycling lowers the water bills. Irrigation of the lawns and forests creates the greening effect and ameliorates the climate around the center.

KICC embraces green building technology in its design philosophy consequently natural lights and draughts is used in most of the center premises this lowers energy usage and promotes conservation of the environment.

KICC has planted lawns, global forests and raised tree areas which serve as recreational areas and exhibition grounds for the clients. This is a major activity of Environmental Sustainability work done at the center. Seed beds have also been established where flowers and trees are raised before being planted in the centre.

The garbage at KICC is segregated and collected by outside firms for recycling and reuse. For example, the centre uses a lot of plastic water bottles in various conferences. These are collected and used in a variety of ways.

The corporation has installed hand driers and sensor based taps which have led to conservation of water and hand driers which use air instead of paper or tissues which also conserves the forests.

The KICC tower block is designed in such a way that air flows through the Centre of the tower going upwards with the results that air is continually getting drawn from the outside through the windows, and this results in cooling the building and consequently no need for air conditioning equipment which are known to deplete ozone layer. This serves to promote and conserve the climate and environment.

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