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We know the level of detail it takes to plan an exceptional event. At the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, we offer all the event services you may require. Along with our official suppliers – consistently given the highest ratings and recognized as industry leaders in their fields – we work together to provide you with a seamless experience.
KICC View Tower & Helipad
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The Helipad, the only one in the city located on the top tier of the tower the highest observation deck in the city, has become a popular area of focus for both local and international visitors to the Centre. From this vantage point one is able to see the entire City of Nairobi and its surroundings.

Besides viewing, it has become a haven for Visitors, journalists, artists and performers who delight in the perfect photography and videography as the sun rises and sets.

Occasionally the deck is rented out for small special functions including cocktails, dinners and launches.

Interpretation IT Services

Interpretation Equipment

KICC has fully equipped Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment with the capability of handling the seven United Nations languages together with headphones that help international clients who cannot understand any language other than their own.

Internet / WI – FI

The network which is supported on a fiber optic backbone together with the necessary infrastructure has been laid across the entire KICC premises.

Catering and Event Organization

Whether you’re hosting an intimate meeting for 10, a conference for 6,000 delegates or an elegant gala dinner, we offer the expertise to create a truly world-class experience.

KICC offers 5star and 4star Catering and event organization services. We help you to organize and successfully host events, meetings, incentives and conferences.

KICC-Accessibility (1)

The center is PAD friendly with ramps that go throughout the center making it accessible to all our guests. The center also has lifts that our special visitors can use to access all the floors as well as friendly amenities at reach.

Fire & Safety

The fire system is also well equipped in that in the event of a fire, delegates can be assured of their safety. Instructions on precautionary measures are placed at all strategic areas of the venue, where delegates and other visitors can get information on what to do in the event of a peril.

Fire extinguishing equipment is placed in every meeting room and hallways of the facility and the fire exits are on every floor in the entire building. Delegates can thereby be at ease as their security IS not be compromised as far as their Stay at the Centre is concerned.

The fire assembly point is strategically placed at the compound where every person entering the facility can see it and if an alarm is sounded, they can easily access these points.

Delegates need not worry about their safety in the event of a fire as fire drills are usually conducted after every three months as a precautionary measure, fire escape routes checked and inspected on a day to day basis.

KICC has well-trained security staff who are trained fire Marshalls and standby ambulances and fire engines.


KICC has therefore put in place firm measures to ensure delegates and visitors safety while in and around the Centre.

The Centre is centrally and strategically located in the Central Business District and is surrounded by highly secured institutions like the Kenya Police Headquarters, High Court of Kenya, Office of the President, among other very highly secured buildings. this alone is a guarantee of security at the Centre.

Inside the Centre, KICC enjoys a fully equipped police station to beef up the security of delegates. the Centre is also guarded by Government trained Security Personnel drawn from The National Youth Service. KICC prides itself in having one of the latest ultra-modern electronic security systems that covers all meeting rooms, entrances main gates and all the walking paths in the building.

The Centre has strong walls and several gates with barriers all the way from the main gates to the entrance of the building. After the security check at the main gate, screening of delegates and visitors is done at the entrance to the building. KICC does not only stress on security, it also ensures the safety of every individual in the Centre. The Centre, therefore, has intruder alarm systems that include panic buttons to alert people in case of fire or any emergencies.


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