KICC OPENING UP AS AN INTERNATIONAL CONCERTS VENUE On Saturday 24th september 2016 a big concert went down at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC). Jamaican artist Roman Virgo will have a reggae concert at the KICC grounds from 6pm. The artist was at KICC today to familiarize himself with the venue and meet the management team a head of his big show on Saturday that has thousands of Reggae fans already confirmed attendance. KICC has already positioned itself as a concerts venue attracting performances from a number of International artists. In November the Centre will be hosting a jazz festival and another Concert in December by an American Renown artist. This is in an effort to make the KICC a vibrant venue just like all the other iconic buildings around the world as well as leverage on the artists as brand ambassadors to market the destinations to the world. The Centre is partnering with the organizers to share the revenue through ticket sales and other platforms

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