Complaints are part and parcel of the very nature of clients/ customers. As a matter of fact, absence of complaints does not necessarily mean excellence. Complaints are important for a business venture in that they help the organization to; maintain good relationship with customers hence building loyalty whenever they are solved amicably, evaluates and improves services, informs decision making about future service delivery among other benefits.
The KICC is a public institution and is committed to meeting and surpassing our clients’ expectations in service provision. Indeed we endeavor to live by our core values as outlined in our Corporate Strategic Plan. The Corporation is also committed to the Government’s principle of ensuring Administrative Justice for all and reports on a quarterly basis to the Commission on Administrative Justice with regard to complaints resolution.
KICC has an elaborate complaints handling structure which include: a Public Complaints Standing Committee composed of Managers which is tasked with the responsibilities of receiving and resolving complaints leveled against the Corporation; Complaints handling procedure which outlines how public complaints are dealt with to conclusion; a dedicated telephone line, fax line and an email specifically to receive complaints directly either administrative or otherwise.
The public as well as our customers can choose to complain directly to the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) which thereafter gets in touch with the Corporation on the same for resolution. We invite all our clients who have complaints of whatever nature to contact us through the addresses below.
Telephone: 020- 3261411, 2247277, 2217/11
Fax: 020-2216511

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